Mental Health

Reassurance from the first call

One of our team members will assist you with your health concern and schedule you for your Initial Assessment.

Mental health is a critical piece of a person’s complete health. When you make your first call for an appointment, one of our team members will assist you and schedule you for your initial session with one of our psychologists.

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The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is the most important part of your experience at EVOLVE. You can expect to spend an hour with your clinician who will discuss with you your mental health history, how your current concerns are impacting your life and what your goals are.

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What to Expect

The clinician will then discuss and collaborate with you to develop a Plan to reach your goals. The timelines, in clinic treatment approach, and what strategies you can use outside of the clinic are also discussed. 

At EVOLVE, we provide solutions that carry on beyond your time in the clinic as a client. We want to treat the underlying issue and build up your resilience so that you never look back.

Our Psychologists


Elizabeth Davidson-Hove


Karen Litke

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