Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation

Reassurance from the first call

Clients who are post-operative or have multiple areas of injury may require a more comprehensive approach than primary physiotherapy and supportive exercise because of the complexity of their injuries or condition. Often these clients are referred to EVOLVE by Sask. WCB, SGI, or 3rd Party Insurers such as SunLife, Canada Life, and Manulife.

A treatment team approach is utilized, with the team made up of a number of healthcare disciplines that may include physiotherapy, chiropractic, exercise therapy, and psychology.

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The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is the most important part of your experience at EVOLVE. You can expect to spend most of a morning or afternoon an hour with your clinician who will discuss your health history, how your current health concern impacts your life and what your goals are with treatment.

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Functional Testing

The clinician will then perform a physical examination of the areas of concern, as well as other areas that may be contributing to your problem. The goal is to understand why the symptoms are there in the first place.

The exercise physiologist will perform functional testing to determine your baseline level of function in your work related tasks and activities of daily living.

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Your Plan

The clinician and exercise physiologist work together to collaboratively design an integrated recovery plan to restore function and performance. Exercise programming is a key component of the client’s Plan. Often the client’s medical doctor or surgeon is consulted to assure integration with all aspects of the Plan.

They will then share with you their findings, and develop with you a Plan to reach your goals. The latest research and current evidence are used to implement best practices in the design of the Plan. The timelines, in-clinic treatment approach, and strategies you can use outside of the clinic are also discussed. 

At EVOLVE, we provide solutions that carry on beyond your time in the clinic as a patient. We want to treat the underlying issue and build up your resilience so that you never look back

Your Physical Rehab Team


Ashley Trampe

Physical Therapist


Wade Miller

Physical Therapist


Chase McCrea

Physical Therapist


Luc Digout

Physical Therapist


Hailey Brown

Physical Therapist


Kaitlin Inglis

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Staci Wyatt

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Blanca Morales

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Emma Hicks

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

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