Exercise Therapy

Reassurance from the first call

One of our team members will assist you with your health concern and schedule you for your Initial Assessment.

Our Exercise Physiologists typically work alongside our clinicians, implementing exercise programming as the client recovers from musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative recovery, and physical rehabilitation. Our Exercise Physiologists can also work with you individually to enhance your physical condition, fitness level, and overall well-being.

We will schedule you with the first available appointment with the appropriate clinician.

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The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is the most important part of your experience at EVOLVE. You can expect to spend an hour with your clinician who will discuss your health history, your exercise experience, your goals, and how this will impact your life. 

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Movement Assessment

The Exercise Physiologist will then perform an Assessment which may include strength, flexibility, range of motion, energy systems and movement competency components.

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Your Plan

They will share with you their findings, and develop with you a comprehensive, tailored plan for you to reach your goals. The plan will provide you with an understanding of how to incorporate physical activity and other strategies into your daily routine to promote the short and long-term realization of your goals. Plans are tailored for you to reach your goals. The Plan can be designed for a supervised gym setting, an independent gym setting, or a train-at-home setting.  

At EVOLVE, we believe in providing tailored solutions that carry on beyond your time with us as a client. We want to help you reach your goals and build up your resilience so that you never look back.

Our Exercise Therapists


Staci Wyatt

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Ryan Smith

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


Blanca Morales

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

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