Concussion Management

Reassurance from the first call

If you are calling for treatment for a concussion, one our team members will schedule you for your Initial Assessment with one of our physiotherapists who focuses on concussion management. 


The Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is the most important part of your experience at EVOLVE. You can expect to spend an hour with your clinician who will discuss your health and concussion history, how your concussion is currently impacting your life, and what your goals are with concussion management. An important part of the assessment is to rule out any ‘red flags’ that may indicate a more serious underlying neurological condition.


Your Treatment

The clinician will then perform an physical examination to determine the severity of the concussion and the various impairments that may need to be addresses, such as balance concerns, headaches, vertigo, muscular stiffness, irritability, brain fog and fatigue.


Your Plan

They will then share with you their findings, and develop with you a Plan to assist you in return to work, learn and play. Education about your symptoms will be provided to help you better understand why you are feeling the way you are and what to expect as you move forward. The in-clinic treatment strategies to address your symptoms will be reviewed. As well, activity modifications for school and the workplace will be provided, and supportive, at-home treatment strategies will be discussed.

At EVOLVE, we provide solutions that carry on beyond your time in the clinic as a patient. We want to treat the underlying issue and build up your resilience so that you never look back.

Our Physical Therapists


Ashley Trampe

Physical Therapist


Wade Miller

Physical Therapist


Chase McCrea

Physical Therapist


Luc Digout

Physical Therapist


Hailey Brown

Physical Therapist

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